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A fully amortizing conventional fixed rate 10 & 15 year conforming mortgage loan retained and serviced at First Fidelity Bank.

Loan to Value Guidelines

Loan Amount LTV
<= $417,000 80%
$418,000 - $850,000 75%
> $850,000 65%

Financing available is the lesser of % of appraisal or cost.

  • Non U.S. citizens the lesser of 65% of appraisal or cost
  • Credit Score: Minimum credit score of 680
  • Minimum loan amount: $50,000
  • Escrow: First Fidelity Bank will not escrow for taxes and insurance
  • Interest Rate: Based upon the prevailing market rate
  • The financed porperty must be an owner occupied.  If the property is a second home, it must not be rented.
  • A bank conforming appraisal is required on all loans.
  • The 10-15 Year In-House mortgage is only applicable to first mortgages.


There may be a down payment required.  Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is based on the prevailing market rate and is fixed for the life of the loan. Using a $417,000 loan with a 3% APR, the monthly payment would be $4,026.58 for 120 payments.  Example payment shown does not include taxes or insurance premiums, and actual payment obligation may be greater.  The rate shown is used for reference only and may vary. Other restrictions may apply.