Use your free First Fidelity Debit Card 24 hours a day to access your checking or savings account at stores or ATM locations worldwide. Your card can be used at ATMs to:

  • Withdraw cash
  • Make deposits
  • Transfer funds
  • Check your balances
  • Free ATMs Worldwide

With First Fidelity Bank, you'll never again worry about paying ATM fees. Not only have we eliminated the Bank's ATM fees, we also guarantee you will never again pay any ATM surcharge if you use a machine not owned or operated by First Fidelity Bank. Totally free ATMs worldwide! One more way First Fidelity ensures your financial freedom.

Free ATMs Disclosure

Free ATMs Worldwide at First Fidelity is easy. Anytime you use an ATM outside of the First Fidelity network, simply keep your receipt, fill out our ATM rebate form and mail it to the address shown on the form. We'll process your request and rebate any and all ATM surcharges within 10 business days.


Original ATM receipts must be submitted with the completed form within 90 days; photocopies or faxes will not be accepted. Your rebate will be deposited directly into your account. Your account must be open at the time we process the ATM rebate.

A separate form must be filled out for each account, but one form can be used for multiple ATM receipts. Forms that are not fully completed may not be honored or may cause the rebate to be delayed.

Withdrawal Information

You may withdraw a maximum of $1,000 or your account balance (whichever is less) from a terminal, per day, per card.

In addition to the limits on cash withdrawals at terminals, you may use your check card to purchase up to $5,000 in goods and services each day, as long as your available balance is sufficient to cover the aggregate of all the purchases. 

Card Maintenance

You can change your PIN by calling (855)726-4885 or at any First Fidelity ATM.