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  • 405-416-2224 Oklahoma City Area
  • 918-728-6345 Tulsa Area
  • 602-912-5555 Phoenix Area
  • 800-299-7047 Nationwide

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Use First Fidelity's Direct Line 24 for up-to-date information on checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, consumer loans and commercial loans. All you need is your PIN number and account number(s).*

*Enter your loan or deposit account number and press the # key. Once the account has been accessed, you will automatically hear your account's balance. You may then choose from a list of additional options. Use # to end your call and repeat menu items.

Menu Options #

  1. Checking or Money Market
  2. Savings
  3. CD/IRA
  4. Loan
  5. Transfer funds or loan payment
  6. PIN change
  7. Report a lost or stolen check card