Key Benefits of First Fidelity Bank’s In-House Mortgages:

  • Low Payments: Ability to have a 30-year amortization letting you stretch your payments
  • Competitive rates: We give you the opportunity to finance a bigger loan to purchase a higher-value property with lower rates
  • Flexibility: Work with FFB to maximize payment terms based on your needs
  • Convenience: Keep your loan at First Fidelity Bank. Your loan will not be sold on the secondary 

In-House Mortgages

Our 10 or 15-year in-house fixed rate mortgages are fully amortizing, fixed-rate, conventional, conforming mortgage loans, retained and serviced right here at First Fidelity Bank.
In-House Mortgage Information:
  • 10-year, 15-year or 7/30 loan
  • Minimum loan amount is $50,000.00 to a Maximum loan amount of $647,200.00
  • Maximum LTV 80%
  • Loan Origination Fee is $799.00

Jumbo Mortgages

A Jumbo Mortgage is one that exceeds the government limit for your area. Jumbo loans are non-conforming mortgage loans and are used to finance mortgage loan amounts above the limits established by the government.
Jumbo In-House Product Information:
  • Up to 15-year or 7/30 loan
  • Minimum loan amount is $647,200.01 to a Maximum loan amount of $2,000,000.00
  • Maximum LTV 65%
  • Loan Origination Fee is 1%
Additional information (applies to both non-Jumbo and Jumbo mortgages):
  • First Mortgage (or) First Deed Of Trust position only
  • The financed property must be owner occupied. If the property is a second home, it must not be rented.
  • Minimum credit score 680
  • Consumer pays all closing costs.
  • "7/30" Product is a 7-year fixed rate balloon with a 30-year payment Amortization.
  • In-House loans do not escrow property taxes or property insurance.
Other rules and restrictions may apply. Consult your First Fidelity Banker for more information.