First Fidelity Bank IRA can help secure financial security...

  • IRA’s are insured separately by the FDIC regardless of additional First Fidelity account relationships...
  • Contributions to an IRA account may be made up until the designated personal tax filing date, generally, April 15th following the end of the tax year
  • Contributions may be made to an IRA throughout a current tax year

First Fidelity Bank offers a variety of IRA options to meet your needs.  Click below to learn more about the various options.

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Type of IRA
Traditional IRA More››

Traditional IRA

Interest is tax deferred. In some cases, the contributions to a Traditional IRA is tax deductible. The individual may not be a participant in an employer-sponsored pension or profit sharing plan and must meet IRA income requirements. 

Click here for more information on helping to determine if a Traditional or Roth IRA is right for you

Roth IRA More››

Roth IRA

Interest earned is tax free. All withdrawals, including earnings, are tax free if the account has been opened for five years and the account holder is age 59 1/2 or older. Withdrawals that do not include earnings are tax free at any time. Consult a tax advisor.

Click here for more information on helping to determine if a Traditional or Roth IRA is right for you

Annuities More››


First Fidelity offers fixed annuities.  A fixed annuity is an interest-based vehicles similar to a CD, but geared specifically towards retirement savings.

Annuities are:

  • Annuities are considered long-term investments.
  • Each annuity offers different terms, minimum deposit amounts and some may be single premium annuities (can only invest money one time) or can be contributed to on a regular basis.
  • There are different age limitations with each annuity.
  • Annuity earnings are tax-deferred and most annuities have early withdrawal penalties, however, some annuities offer free withdrawals without penalties each year.
  • Annuities can be funded with Qualified or Non-Qualified money.
  • Most annuities offer a “free-look” period in order to give the client time to review the contract and determine if this is the right investment for them.

Annuities are not:

  • Insured by the FDIC
  • Guaranteed by the bank