Go green with FFB

In addition to being focused on our clients, First Fidelity Bank is dedicated to the preservation of the planet's natural resources. We utilize a variety of programs and systems to reduce waste and conserve energy.  


FFB utilizes electronic statements, emails, loan and account applications, workflows, and document storage to cut back on our daily paper consumption.

online banking

Online Banking

GoBankFFB online and mobile banking solutions allow our clients to conduct their business remotely, including Bill Pay, Remote Deposit for business, Mobile Deposit, person to person transfers, and other electronic transactions. These help reduce mail and conserve the fuel you would have to use to go into a branch location. 

recycle bin

Recycling Programs

FFB has recycling programs in place for paper and used ink cartridges.


energy management

Energy Management Systems

FFB has installed LED lighting with automatic timers in many of our locations in order to reduce wasted energy. 

recycled paper

Paper Statement Conservation

For clients who prefer to receive printed paper statements, FFB uses recycled paper and prints on both sides of the page in order to reduce the consumption of paper. 


video conference

Document Imaging and Video Conferencing

The use of document imaging and online video conference calls has allowed FFB to help reduce carbon fuel emissions by decreasing employee travel and decreased courier services between branch locations.  


Landscape Management

FFB is committed to high-quality landscaping initiatives, such as the planting of carbon-absorbing trees and plants, as well as drought-resistant plants and trees to preserve water.