example of a payexpress card that businesses can use to pay their employees.

AFA Pay Express FAQ

AFA Pay Express Welcome Packet


When & Where You Need It


Welcome to the future of money. With PayExpress, you get instant access to your money without the hassle of dealing with checks. To access your cash, simply take your PayExpress card to any ATM and withdraw cash. Your PayExpress card also works as a debit card, giving you the convenience to make everyday purchases. To make a purchase using your PayExpress card, press the ”Credit” key and simply sign your name. You can also make purchases by pressing the ”Debit” key and entering your PIN number. The future of money has arrived. And its name is PayExpress.

  • Immediate access to cash at any ATM
  • No credit check required
  • Eliminate expensive check cashing fees
  • Use as a debit card
  • Make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Account information available 24/7
  • Free Customer Service - talk to a real person!
  • Free account access
  • Free telephone banking on Direct Line 24