Pay bills online and on time with FFB's BillPay service.

BillPay is worry free!
Eliminate the time you would have spent writing checks, and save money on expensive stamps, envelopes and checks. There are no more hassles and no more worries when using FFB Online to pay your bills. Pay anyone you like, anywhere in the country. Simply enter the name and address of the business with brief information – we do all the work.

It's fast
Electronic payments can reach people in two days or less
Overnight check is also available (fees apply)

It's easy
No checks or stamps required
We send the checks

It's convenient
Visit your FFB Online account and sign up for BillPay online.
No envelopes, stamps, or hassles. Pay bills in minutes

Personal Checking Accounts - free and unlimited use of this service is included

Basic Business BillPay - included with 10 bills per month with no monthly fee. Additional bills are $1 per item over 10
Enhanced Business BillPay - Upgrade BillPay Services, 10 bills per month are included with the $5 monthly fee. Additional bills are $ .60 per item over 10

*Please note: Each month we delete BillPay users that have not had a payment in the previous year and have no pending payments. Each month we also delete those BillPay users that have signed up for BillPay within the previous 90 days, but have not initiated a payment within the 90 day period.