e-Sign Act Disclosure

Consent to Electronic Delivery By checking the "I agree" box and clicking the "Accept" button, you agree that the delivery of any change-in-terms notices, copies of your consent for preauthorized transfers from your account, notices about variances in the amount of preauthorized transfers, "opt-out" notices regarding affiliate or other marketing, privacy notices, conclusions concerning errors that you report and other type of communication provided to you in connection with your account (collectively, "eCommunications") may be made electronically by posting the eCommunication on the FFB Online web site or by sending it to you by e-mail.

Your consent to receiving eCommunications electronically covers all the documents listed above and other communications regarding your account. In addition, your consent will apply to subsequent disclosures and information that we are required or otherwise choose to provide from time to time. If you do not wish to consent to electronic delivery, you may visit any First Fidelity Bank location or call 1-800-299-7047. In such event, you will not be able to use FFB Online.

  1. Email Addresses. eCommunications will be posted on the FFB Online web site or sent to the e-mail address you or any co-applicant provided to us, and you agree to pass-on notices to other applicants. If an e-mail is returned as undelivered, we may use any other e-mail address that we have for you or a co-applicant. We also reserve the right to use postal addresses. You must notify us of any change in your e-mail address by calling 1-800-299-7047 or updating your information directly through FFB Online. Unless otherwise required by law, you agree that any eCommunications will be deemed received by you when sent by any means set forth above.
  2. Withdrawal of Consent. You may withdraw your consent to receiving the eCommunications by calling 1-800-299-7047 and withdrawal by any co-applicant will be effective for all applicants. Withdrawal will not apply to actions already taken or initiated in reliance on your consent. You will not be charged any fee for your withdrawal of consent, however you will not be able to use FFB Online.
  3. Consent Coverage; Notices From You Are Not Covered. Applicable law or contracts sometimes require you to give us "written" notices, and your consent does not relate to those terms. In order to coordinate our processing, you must still provide us notice on paper.
  4. Copies. You may retain a copy of this Agreement, the Consent to Electronic Delivery, and any other communications by printing or storing it electronically. To store it electronically, copy and paste this text into the text editor of your choice (Notepad, Wordpad, etc.) and save it to a disk or your hard drive. You may also access the FFB Online Agreement at www.ffb.com. If you would like a free paper copy from us, you may call 1-800-299-7047.
  5. System Requirements. In order to view and retain your electronic Communications, you will need:
  • Internet access, a Current Version of an Internet browser we support, and an email address;
  • A Current Version of a PDF reader; and
  • A printer or other storage device.

You must have a computer or handheld device using a Current Version of an operating system capable of supporting all of the requirements described above. In some cases, you may also need a specific brand or type of device that can support a particular software application, including an application intended for particular mobile or handheld devices. We will tell you in advance when this is the case. If you are using a handheld device you may also need Bluetooth or wireless capabilities to print or download the electronic Communications.

By "Current Version", we mean a version of the software currently supported by its publisher. We reserve the right to discontinue support of a Current Version of software if in our sole opinion, it suffers from a security flaw or other flaw that makes it unsuitable for use with this Transaction.

If we change these hardware or software requirements, and that change creates a material risk that you would not be able to access or retain your electronic Communications, we will notify you.