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We have purchased a new software to AUTOMATE your production reporting at NO COST to you! The new system is called FFB Green Check.

You received an email from FFB Green Check with instructions on how to set up your account. Once you have established your account and your connection, you will have an “All-In-One” system for production reporting and updating all your documentation annually.

Please review our FAQs and “Getting Started” user guide below.

We have also established a special email, phone number, and landing page to service our MRB clients. If you have any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to call us.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FFB Green Check?

FFB Green Check is a software that allows us to satisfy our regulatory requirements. We are required to appropriately monitor your accounts and prove to our regulator there is no illegal activity. It helps you because we can automate your reporting and document reminders.

Why do I need to use FFB Green Check?

We use the FFB Green Check system to manage all our cannabis-related business accounts. The software allows us to collect the necessary documentation and maintain the required oversight to satisfy our regulations. We also use our system to validate that transactions are happening between legally licensed businesses/individuals in order to demonstrate that funds deposited to the bank are from legal marijuana sales.

How much does FFB Green Check cost?

FFB Green Check is included in the fee you currently pay First Fidelity.

How will FFB Green Check use my data?

The FFB Green Check software simply provides an easy way to share your sales activity with FFB. Direct integrations with your point of sale or invoice tracking software help to automate this process. The Compliance Rules Engine checks each sale to make sure it complies with the regulations governing cannabis sales in your state. FFB Green Check does not own your data, nor will we ever sell it to a third party. Your data remains your data.

Why does my bank need my sales activity?

To comply with banking compliance regulations, we need to be able to match the amount of money you deposit with the amount of money you make from your sales.

This helps us ensure you are only depositing money you make from your legal operations. To do this, we need to verify that each sale follows the cannabis sale laws set forth by your state's cannabis program.

How do I upload sales to FFB Green Check?

FFB Green Check integrates with several point of sale and invoice tracking systems. If your system supports an integration, you simply need to connect it to your FFB Green Check account to begin uploading your sales automatically.

If your system does not yet integrate with FFB Green Check, you will upload your sales activity manually.

Why do I need to record my deposits in FFB Green Check?

Recording your deposits in FFB Green Check helps us verify that the funds you are depositing into your bank account can be tied back to legitimate sales. Because Unverified funds are not added to your Max Deposit amount and therefore cannot be included in a deposit record, we can confidently demonstrate that no Unverified funds are being deposited into your bank account.

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