FFB Wallet

Take Control of Your FFB Cards

What is FFB Wallet? It's a next generation solution from First Fidelity Bank that gives superior capabilities to use and manage your cards. The advanced platform provides you with greater control of your cards while offering enhanced insight into your financial transactions. FFB Wallet will empower you to make smarter spending decisions and also provide monitoring/security capabilities you never thought possible. 
Download the FFB Wallet app to get started!
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What does it do? 

This app is a one-stop shop to view spending activity, set up card controls & alerts, manage travel plans & notifications, report cards as lost or stolen, and many more features all customizable to your lifestyle.
Receive push notifications, View Rewards, Travel Alerts, Report Lost Card, Digital Wallet, and more

How to get started
Steps to Set Up FFB Wallet
1. Download and launch the FFB Wallet app from the app store on your mobile device
2. Choose if you would like to allow alert notifications
3. Click on "Sign in with GoBankFFB" to launch your FFB mobile app
4. Log in to your app and scroll down on the dashboard to the FFB Wallet Card
5. Click on "Open FFB Wallet"
6. Set up Touch ID or Face ID for a quicker, more secure biometric log in experience
7. Choose if you would like to make your mobile device the primary one to receive notifications
8. Check out the new features and functionality!