Fraud Alerts

Protect Your Account with Fraud Alerts!

At First Fidelity Bank, your account security is our priority. You now have the ability to join the fight against fraud with our debit card FRAUD ALERTS! It's simple, easy and will help you to stay ahead of suspicious activity. 
While FFB has always tracked potential fraudulent transactions, FRAUD ALERTS will introduce real-time alerts that will allow you to immediately confirm or deny suspicious transactions preventing fraud and keeping your debit card active. As a valuable client of FFB you are automatically enrolled in this free service to enhance your security!
Feel safe and secure knowing your debit card transactions are protected by FFB.

How do Fraud Alerts work?

FFB will monitor transactions on your debit cards for potential fraud. If we identify a potentially fraudulent transaction, FFB will alert you via text message, email and/or phone. All you have to do is respond to confirm or deny the transaction.
  • If the transaction is authorized, your debit card will remain active. 
  • If the transaction is not authorized, the card will be blocked immediately, and a new card ordered.
  • Until we receive a response your debit card will be inactive and will not work. However, as soon as we receive confirmation from you (via text response, branch visit or phone call), your debit card will be turned back to "active" status.
Call us if you need assistance. Customer Service is available Monday through Friday 7:30 am until 9 pm CT and Saturday, 8 am until 5 pm CT. Call us in Oklahoma City at (405) 416-2222, in Tulsa at (918) 728-6345, in Arizona at (602) 912-5555, or nationwide at 1 (800) 299-7047.