Interest Only Home Equity Line of Credit

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

First Fidelity Bank’s Interest-Only HELOC is designed to provide the freedom and flexibility you need to take care of the things that matter most.

  • This product is exclusive to high net worth individuals
  • Low rate
  • $50,000 minimum
  • Up to 70% of appraised home value
  • Repayment in interest only
  • Checks are issued
  • No repayment penalty
  • Fees may be financed
  • 5-year revolving line
  • Financial statement required

Your personal banker at FFB can help you through the process of getting your Interest Only Home Equity Line of Credit. It begins with filling out an application.

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  • Nationwide 800-299-7047

Other rules and restrictions may apply. Consult your First Fidelity Banker for more information.

The APR during the revolving period is variable and ranges between NYP -.25 up to NYP +1.25 with a floor of 4.0% with a maximum APR of 21%. The APR offered is based on the credit characteristics and Loan-To-Value (LTV).Loan amount must be $10,000 or greater.Current appraisal, property insurance required including flood insurance where applicable. Customer pays all fees and costs. A one-time $100 documentation fee applies. Loan amount may not exceed 70% of your home’s value and there is no down payment required. The minimum monthly payment is the interest accrued each month. For example, the minimum payment is $200 for a loan at 6% APR with a $40,000 balance. All rates and terms are subject to credit approval and could change without notice.