Pocket Your Change

Pocket Your Change with First Fidelity Bank!

Swipe. Sweep. Save.

Here's how it works: Every time you swipe your First Fidelity Bank CheckCard, an amount you choose is automatically swept into your First Fidelity Bank savings account. The amount saved is totally up to you - meaning you can choose to save one cent or $20 per transaction. You can even set a daily savings limit. Once the daily limit is met, the savings automatically stops.

With Pocket Your Change, you can also choose to sweep your savings with each transaction or as a daily lump sum. And the best part is, Pocket Your Change will never overdraw your account! If your preset savings amount exceeds your current balance, the transfer simply will not occur.

Getting started is easy!

Call our customer service department or visit your local First Fidelity branch office to start saving today!
(Please note: Pocket Your Change is available on any First Fidelity Bank checking or savings account.)