Move Your Direct Deposit to FFB & Get Paid Early

Make your money move with FFB Direct Connect

FFB Direct Connect

With FFB Direct Connect1, you can quickly and securely move your direct deposit to your FFB bank account right from your phone. No need to go to your HR/Payroll department. No need for paperwork. Just you in control of your money - the way it should be!

  • Log in to your online banking or app
  • Click the link on the FFB Direct Connect widget
  • Search for your payroll provider or employer
  • Enter your credentials and choose the amount you would like to transfer

Pay Day just got sweeter with Early Pay Day

Early Payday

Early Payday is a free service that is available on all non-interest bearing FFB accounts. We credit your eligible direct deposit up to two business days before it is scheduled to come in. If you already have your direct deposit setup with us, Good News! You are already receiving this service.

1Depending on your payroll provider, your direct deposit switch may take 1 to 3 pay cycles to take effect. The minimum amount that can be moved over is $25. If you choose to move less than 100% of your deposit, the minimum percentage of your deposit that can be moved is 25%. If you are unable to locate your employer or payroll company, please contact them to assist with moving your deposit to FFB.

Early Payday FAQ

Why is my direct deposit showing up early?
  • FFB has recently introduced Early Payday, which allows you to access your direct deposit funds up to two business days before your scheduled payday. As soon as our payroll provider sends us the details, we’ll credit your account rather than wait until the actual posting date of the payment.
Will it always be this early?
  • The timing is dependent upon when your payroll provider submits their payroll file. As soon as we receive the file, we will post the funds,* but we do not have control over when the file is sent. For many companies, the date the file is sent may vary by a day or two from pay period to pay period based on holiday or weekend schedules. For some pay periods, your direct deposit may show up earlier than others, but it will never be later than your regular payday.
Will it ever be earlier?
  • Your direct deposit will never be credited more than two business days before the scheduled date. That means if you get paid on a Friday and your payroll processor sends the file on Monday, you will see your paycheck hit your account on Wednesday (assuming no holidays).
How do I opt-in?
  • You don’t need to do anything to start taking advantage of Early Payday. All non-interest-bearing accounts are automatically enrolled in this service!
*within two business days of the scheduled payday